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Iam KP house wife suffering from obesity, hypothyroid, hypertension with difficulty in breathing on exercise. I tried to lose weight by various means like diet, exercise, attended various slimming centers and every time I lose some weight up to 4 -8 kg and gain back more weight in no time. That lead me to frustration which added more weight.

Then I consulted Dr.B.Narsaiah who explained about weight loss surgery and its benefits. Initially I was hesitant and many of friends due to their lack of knowledge prevented me. My husband was very supportive and I got laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with 2 days hospital stay which was much lesser than my initial LSCS. My weight loss could be appreciated within a week and started to lose weight every week. For first time in my life I felt I can lose weight and look the way I want. My initial weight was 88 kg now 62 in around 6 months and Iam maintaing it more than 15 months and extremely happy. In fact my daughter is more jealous of me and complains that her friends treat me as her sister than mother.

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Hi: my name is Mr. V.R.P businessman by profession and was suffering from obesity weighing 120 kg. and more important diabetes requiring more than 120 insulin + 4 oral hypoglycemic tablets, hypertension, hypothyroid, increased cholesterol. I was sick of excess weight and diabetes.

I had consulted Dr.B.Narsaiah through by relative who is doctor and underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass on 3rd October 2007. the affect of procedure was dramatic as requirement of insulin came to zero and now am only on one tablet of Glycomet. I lost 35 kg weight and very very happy without any need for insulin.

My quality of life improved significantly and more than happy.

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My name is SR weighing 138kg BMI of 61 was seriously suffering from knee pains, asthama, hypertension, hypothyroid. Because of severe knee pains I took Aurvedic treatment which was helping getting rid of knee pains. I did not realize that they were adding steroids in that medication because of which I became morbidly obese ruining my health.

My relative a good friend of Dr.B.Narsaiah introduced me to concept of laparoscopic weight loss surgery which I underwent on 5th august 2008 which has given me significant benefits. I lost around 58kg and now I weigh 80 kg. my asthma, hypothyroid, knee pains have been significantly improved. Now I can freely walk and carry on routine activities.

I would definitely recommend any one who is suffering like me.

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My name is mrs.MK, good swimmer, and was doing job. Later I developed asthma because of which I had to curtail my physical activity which resulted in excess weight. I became so obese I could not swim and enjoy playing with my son and prevented me from teaching my son to swim. I tried to lose my weight by various means. In spite of my strict diet my weight continued to increase.

Them I approached Dr.B.Narsaiah and underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. First thing I noticed after procedure was I could breath freely which I felt like gift and slowly started losing weight. I lost 33KG in 12 months now weight 83 kg. My initial weight was 115 kg . I no longer require asthma medication and now back to my swimming days and started teaching swimming to my son.

Laparoscopic surgery really changed my life and most important I was in hospital for 36 hours only. The keyhole surgery with tiny holes did great wonders and I did not feel any pain at all. Finally my decision to undergo procedure had given back the life I wanted to lead.

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My name is RR and working in software company. Because of dietary habits, irregular eating habits, sedentary life I put on lot of weight.

I tried to lose weight by diet, exercise, slimming center, naturopathy etc. Every time I take rigorous activity I used to lose 10kg and again gain back more weight. This led to lot of frustration. Meanwhile my family members started to look for matches to me for marriage and It was extremely frustrating experience as girl who l used like invariably used to end in rejection on account of my weight. This went on for 2 years and I had put on more weight because of frustration.

Finally I got laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy by Dr.B.Narsaiah in January 2009 and lost 40 kg weight in 6 months. My original weight was 125kg and now I weigh 85kg. My luck now back with me and I got married in 2009 with the girl whom I liked.

This procedure gave me new lease of life.